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Below is my biog as on LJ. I'll update in due course. Simply to add for the minute for Dreamwidth:

Layout credit goes to [community profile] inconformista

Well, as you can probably guess from my username.... I'm here because I love House, and specifically I love House/Wilson, and most of all I love H/W slash. Apart from that - British, live in London, female, thirty-something, with a full-time job plus doing a part time PhD, and despite all that spending far too much time on all things HW.

If you like H/W too, and esp. if you want to follow my fic, feel free to friend me. I may not friend you back (I try and keep my f-list manageable...) but I can assure you that I am always very flattered when people friend me. I only post my fic & posts relevant to my fic on my LJ, so that's what you'll get.

I also post on here, if you prefer to read stuff there. Not everything is up there yet, but I am gradually adding it all. My fics always appear here on LJ first.

I have a comm to post fic relating to my OCs. Do take a look, it has pics as well as fic! [info]chris_edward

Warmly recommended place to hang out: House's House of Whining

And I recently joined Twitter. I lock my posts but if you want to follow me then ask, I'll add you if I recognise you from LJ or HHOW.

This graphic by the amazing [profile] jane_hidell in response to my request for Wilson wearing House's clothes. And vice versa :)

And jane also did this one showing a cheesy holiday photo of House & Wilson in London, which is where I live!

And this is probably my favourite comm.

NB although I am hwshipper on and at HHOW, the hwshipper out there who makes House wallpaper is not me! - my graphics talents don't stretch any further than making my own rather basic icons. I guess I didn't pick a very unique username.

My House/Wilson mood theme is by [profile] hobbitholes

The beautiful drawing in my header is 'The Eleventh Hour' by [personal profile] euclase which I love very much. And this is her drawing for me in her Tragic Fandom series. If you don't get it, read my fic Highly Sprung.
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